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Clock Restoration & Clock Repair in Brookline, Massachusetts

Baystate Clock proudly provides clock restoration services, in addition to providing exemplary clock repair to better serve the Brookline, Massachusetts, community.
General Clock Services in Brookline, MA

General Clock Services

Baystate Clock proudly provides general oiling and adjusting of your clocks, which provides preservation of clock movement. Our crew is equipped to work on your new and old clocks, and we recommend that you have your clock oiled and adjusted at the same time of the year about every 3 to 4 years. This helps retain the value of your timepiece.

In-Home Service on Floor Clocks

Call us today to set up an appointment and we will travel to your home to service your floor clock or grandfather clock. We efficiently determine whether your clock is in need of servicing or repair. Servicing your floor clock includes general oiling, adjustment, and proper setup. We bring your clock back to our shop for repairs.

Case Restoration

Have your clock restored to its original quality. Baystate Clock primarily refinishes the case parts and provides quality cabinetry, as needed. We work with woods or metals doing minor repairs to full restoration. Our crew is also equipped to repair nicks in both wood and metals.
Request service for quality clock repair services in Brookline, Massachusetts.